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Dunca/Lynea, Lectures, apologizes, and noses


This occurs on Monday morning. Duncan receives a lecture from his boss and sees something that nobody has seen in awhile.

This fine Monday was actually much less than fine. Knowing that he was wanted in Lynea's office for a lecture first thing just made Duncan angrier the more he thought about it. He started thinking about it from the minute he woke up for work; he stewed over possible responses, rehearsed conversations in his head, considered asking for a transfer if his boss had such little faith in him.

By the time he finally made it into the facility, he'd considered every possible angle he could fathom and had worked himself up into a wonderful seething rage. He was familiar with the process Lynea expected when coming in for lectures (they'd always been very minor and absolutely true infractions before, though), so he brushed right by her secretary and opened the door to her office proper. It took all the willpower he had not to slam it, either open or shut.

He slouched in the chair before her desk, folded his arms, and glared. To say that he glared would, in fact, be an understatement. It wasn't your typical grr grr pissed off angry glare. In fact, it was an amazingly calm kind of glare, the sort you get from teenagers when they're forced to listen to things they've already heard and don't want to hear again. Overall, he had a very obviously discontent look about him, but one that was also very obviously hiding the true level of just how discontent he was.

Lynea could agree that this particular monday was less than stellar. Like she usually did with problems, she pushed it a side for later and continued on with her work, but now it was monday. This particular problem was going to come to its conclusion today and normally she wouldn't be bothered with it. Fraternization was a common occurance and especially with scientists being locked up in underground complexes. These things happened and while at times solving these problems tended end pretty loudly, she never once let words or anything else get to her.

For some reason, Duncan was different. The message he left on her machine had angered her, infuriated even. She insulted him? Who did he think he was kidding? She was the one that had high hopes for him. Sure, he had bit of esteem issue and tended to say really dumb things that did little to make others think any better of him, but he did do his work when asked and did them fairly well. So, when evidence began to grow of the unqiue situation right now, she felt strongly about dealing with this.

She was sure this feeling was just sheer disappointment in everything. these worthless feelings were the reason why she distanced herself from her underlings. Trust was easy to break. Still though, as she made her way to work, she couldn't help but feel that something was off about her suspicions. The whole thing just didn't fit duncan's character from what she has seen. Just to recap on everything, she had spent the time between her own arrival and Duncan's to recap all the evidence.

When duncan arrived, she just sat there at her cushy chair and watched her underling keep a face that made her want to revoke her new decision.

"You know why you're here." She spoke plainly, as usual masking any hint of emotion.

His eyebrows rose slightly and he leaned forward, this sort of silent "get on with it" motion. Of course he knew why he was here. But she had to say something to give him a chance to defend himself against the accusation.

She leaned forward to rest her hands on her desk, her bare right hand covering the metallic claw that was her left hand. her eyebrows furrowed as she continued. "While I can understand one's personal emotions and instinct could be hard to handle as some point. Especially so for those you can find an attraction for, but this is not the place to be doing as such. This facility is a work place and as such, there are rules about such things. We expect members under our employ to have the capability to restrain themselves until deemed appropriate."

"I didn't do anything inappropriate, Lynea." His tone was annoyed, but it was the sort of annoyance you get from somebody needing to explain something obvious for the thousandth time. "If I had, you would've gotten a much better excuse than 'I missed the flights home.'"

Lynea continued to keep her tone even and her stare locked onto Duncan's face. "What you must understand is that there is significant evidence that says otherwise. You have brought things back in yours and William's outlandish trips to parts of Kanto, but such things wouldn't need to take as long as they should have. There's also the fact with your own sister nearly confirming the preference you had and William's constant comment of you teaching him to be a man. With this latest unfortunate event with you losing the chance for the flight home and only to stay in the same hotel room with William, it only serve to further my suspicions."

"Okay, first off?" He started ticking the points off on his fingers. "The becoming a man comments? Shorty's FtM. Second? My sister jumped to a crazy conclusion with no evidence whatsoever aside from me saying I wouldn't want him as a relative. She's met at least one of girlfriends before and apparently threw my precedent for being straight out the window. Third? Hell if I am ever spending the night at a PokéCenter ever again. I had enough of that in my trainer days. What the fuck do you want me to do, drop an extra eight-hundred Pen on a second hotel room just so you don't get suspicious?

"You are overreacting, Lynea. This is all circumstantial evidence that means absolutely nothing. You could call up Shorty right now and ask him what happened if you don't believe me. He's a terrible liar, so even if he tried, you'd know. In fact, here." He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, started digging through his contacts for Shorty's number. "We can call him right now."


Lynea gave Duncan a long stare, her eyebrow quirked up as she watched him continue to explain himself. "...William is what?"

"FtM," he repeated. Had she listened to the rest of it? That was probably the least important part of his explanation.

Lynea had, but the first comment was pretty ridiculous.

"... William is a male."

"Sure, now. That's sort of how the whole thing works, Lynea."


"...and you don't find this idea farfetched?"

"No? Look at him, all the signs are there. He basically told me himself."


She raised her brow higher, in an almost tamed incredulous look. "'ve been looking?"

He stopped, expression turning confused. "...Looking?"

"You said that the signs were there. That would suggest you have been looking for them."

"No - !" Why did she just refuse to ever get anything?! "I meant, the nonphysical signs, Lynea."

Because Lynea takes everything pretty literally! She turned back to her plain expression and just stared at him.

"William is nothing more than a teenage with a lack of maturity, nothing more. Further, His papers have been pretty consistant on revealing what gender he is."

"Look, I'm not gonna argue Shorty's fucking gender orientation with you, Lynea. Just the fact that I mentioned it should be reason enough for you to realize there's no ulterior underlying motive behind his comments."

Lynea sighed and leaned her head to the right, closing her eyes briefly in resignation. "You are correct, I am sorry."

He fell back in the chair, arms folding again. "Have I managed to prove my innocence yet? Has the fact that I've outright admitted my incompetence moved you to believe that maybe, just maybe, I'm telling the truth about it?"

She opened her eyes briefly to stare at Duncan. "I apologized just a moment ago."

That stopped him. "...Oh." He'd thought she'd meant for the FtM argument in particular. He glanced away, one hand coming up to rub the bridge of his nose. "...For, for the whole thing?"

She straightened herself, letting out a small sigh before speaking. "If you had let me finish, I would have told you that I realized I may have been bit too rash on my decision. The evidence, as you say, was very circumstantial and I wanted to apologize for misguided behavior."

"Uhm..." Wow, that was...surprising. He really had expected more of a fight. Now he had all this pent up anger and no place or even reason to let it out. "A...apology accepted?"

"Good," She nodded in approval. "However, I would suggest you be more observant of your surroundings and especially for helicopters."

"Okay, Jesus fuck!" His gaze snapped back to her; there was that typical Duncan annoyance again. "It's not like I didn't know there were helicopters, I just got mixed up and thought the wrong group of copters was ours! By the time I realized, ours had already left!"

The corners of her lips curled slightly upward as she leaned back in her chair. There were some amusing bonuses at getting to know her underlings. "You have told me as such."


He stopped dead.

Froze in place, just staring at her.

Was she smiling? Like, seriously?

If it was a smile, it disappeared after she realizes he froze in place. Lynea blinked at him.


"N...nothing." He sat back, hands falling into his lap; he still looked fairly stunned. It was. It was totally a smile.

Lynea stared at him for a moment, unsure as to why Duncan was suddenly stammering. She did come to one conclusion though and continue to stare.

"Um." He glanced away, rubbing the bridge of his nose again. "Sorry about that sweater comment, in the message I left you. It was really uncalled for."

Augh, he was now rubbing it. That just made it even more obvious. She tried to keep her eyes away from looking at his nose, but was finding it to be pretty hard. "I suppose you can't deny what's true, such as your nose being straight."

He paused, pulling his hand away maybe about an inch. "My what?" He looked back to her, brow furrowed.

"Your nose, it's quite straight and I never noticed that until now."

Seriously, it was like that all along and yet she never noticed. Huh. The things you discover. Lynea used her metallic claw to grab a folder from the top of a stack and began working. She wasn't done talking with him, but she should be doing something while they chatting.

...Why would she even point that out? Was it that straight? Oh god his nose was too straight and he'd never even realized it --

He set his fingers over it, like a subconscious attempt to half-cover it, and just stared at her.

Lynea could feel Duncan's stare, but paid little attention to it as he worked. after a minute, she gave him a brief glance. "What?"

"Uh, is..." He started to rub it again, stopped himself, and dropped his hand to his lap instead. "Is that all?"

She paused as she thought about. "I suppose it is, yes."

He hesitated, watching her - why would she even point that out augh?! - and then finally stood and walked for the door.
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