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Duncan/Lucas, a phonecall!


In which Duncan calls Lucas to inform him that his marowak was probably kidnapped as a Cubone.

Relevant info: Duncan has been tracking down the names of buyers and calling them when he could dig up contact info. He called Lucas's home and left a message with his family, and this is Lucas calling him back.

Lucas walked out of a Violet City convenient store, munching on a chocolate bar he just purchased. He was about to think of where he wanted to go next when he remembered that he had to call somebody. His family butler had passed him a message earlier. About a Duncan Jackson who called the house asking for him.

Lucas didn't know who it was but since he was curious, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number he had keyed into the memory. He moved away from the convenience store entrance and waited.

Duncan was actually working today, coding up some gene sequences for Lynea. His phone ringing was so sudden that it actually managed to make him jump. Once he realized what it was (the cell, even, not the office phone. Hmm), he snatched it from the edge of the desk and flipped it open to answer. "Hello, Duncan here."

"Hey, Duncan. You were looking for me?"

He held the phone to his ear with his shoulder, hands going back to the keyboard to continue what he'd been working on. The sounds of typing may have carried over. "Was I? What's your name?"

Oh, right. He should've said his name. He leaned against the convenience store wall outside. "Lucas Burnstein."

He stopped, hand going to the phone again, pushing his chair back from the desk. "Yes. You have a marowak, correct?"

Blink. "Yeah. How'd you know that?" He sounded confused.

"I spoke to the man who sold it to you."

"Really? I'm not selling though."

"No, that's not what this is about. I have reason to suspect that your marowak is one of several cubone that were kidnapped from Pokémon Tower about eightteen years ago."

There was a pause as it sank in. "Uh, what?"

"A group of cubone were kidnapped from Pokémon Tower eightteen years ago after their mother was killed. I think your marowak may be one of them."

"So, what? Do you want it back?"

"...No, I'm not with Heissenrech Co or anything, that's not what this is about. If it's the one I'm looking for, I have something I'd like to give it."

"So how do I know this isn't some kind of Rocket scam?"

Pause. "Well, I am a member of Team Rocket. I wouldn't tell you that if I were trying to scam you."

"Wow... I just called a Team Rocket member." Lucas actually sounded impressed with himself. "What do you want to give BoneHead anyway?"

...BoneHead? This got an eyeroll. "Its mother's skull."

"Ok, creepy. I thought the whole thing about wearing their mother's skull is just a story."

"To a point. They don't usually actually wear it, but it's an important possession for them. Sort of like a family heirloom."

"Right." Thinking pause. "Well, BoneHead should be happy about it. How do you wanna do this?"

"Well, yours might not even be the right one. But I'm sure we'll know that for sure once we show it the skull." He paused, picked up a pen and slid a memo pad over. "Actually it's an acquaintance of mine who has the skull, so I'll need to ask him how he'd like to go about this. Is there a way I can contact you later to give you the details?"

"Yeah, sure. You can get me on this cell." Lucas wondered if it was sane to be giving a Team Rocket member his cell phone number even as he was rattling off his number to Duncan.

He took it down, then leaned back in his chair, setting the pen on the desk. "Then I'll give you a call once I have something for you, Mister Burnstein. Thank you for your time."

"Yep. Sure. You know, you're pretty nice for a Rocket."

Pause. "Rockets aren't bad people, you know."

"Your reputation doesn't boost the good guy image, man."

"We're a different Team Rocket than the one your parents grew up with. Reputations are difficult to change, but we're working on it."

"Huh. Well, I don't have anything against Team Rocket. As long as you don't steal my pokemon. So, good luck with that."

(As long as you don't have anything rare enough to steal...) "You have nothing to worry about. I'll give you a call when I have something for you."

"Sure. Nice talking to you."
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