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Siegmund/Rhys - Omfg Absol



Siegmund had an absol oh my god oh man this was awesome this was EPIC! Absol on his team, he'd only just been waiting YEARS for this! ALINA WAS THE BEST SISTER EVER.

So of course, first thing he had to do, show it off. That was why he was climbing up through the trapdoor under Rhys's bed (the standard entrance, of course), PokéBall tucked securely away inside one of his coat pockets. He paused before actually crawling out from under the bed to scope out the scene first (mostly so he could know where he should emerge).

Rhys, unsuspecting as always (though perhaps he would get used to it), happened to be lying on said bed with both his Quilava and Abra curled up beside him for some napping. Though he himself was not sleeping yet, idly browsing some information on his PokéDex with one hand, the other arm tucked behind his head as he reclined.

He couldn't see Rhys. Chances were he was probably on top of the bed then! Armed with this knowledge, Siegmund slid out and stood beside the bed in a very fluid motion. The effect was nice and creepy, like a spectre appearing out of nowhere.

"Rhys!" (Bonus points if he jumped, come ooon Rhys.)

Oh, he jumped.

The PokéDex went flying in the air too. That was least another twenty points. Rhys fumbled, but managed to snatch it up before it landed on anything. Eyes wide, his gaze snapped to Siegmund before he registered who it was and calmed.

On second thought, he may never get used to that.

IMMENSELY SATISFYING. (Siegmund did not actually smile, BUT HE WAS THINKING IT.)

"I need to show you this." He reached for the inside pocket of his coat (he sure seemed to keep a lot of things in that particular spot) for the black-skull-beribboned PokéBall.

Rhys sat up immediately and tried to act as if he not just leaped up about three feet moments before, but he knew it was too late. He turned to sit on the edge of the bed, looking up at Siegmund and then tilting his head curiously at the beribboned PokéBall.

His brow quirked at it, but he smiled. Rhys had not quite expected Siegmund to have that kind of taste.

He caught the look and quickly confronted it with a, "My sister."

He took a step back, turned toward a nice open space in the room, and let out his ~*BRAND NEW ABSOL*~. Holding an arm out toward it in indication, he said, "Abysswalker."

Rhys stood up the moment Abysswalker was released, expression surprised again. The awed kind of surprise, not the SUDDENLY SIEGMUND variety.

He cracked a smile and gently offered his hand forward to greet the Absol with a brief, incredulous glance to Siegmund. But there it was, sure enough, standing right there.

Siegmund managed to look very proud of himself without cracking a smile at all. "A gift from Alina," he said, watching as the Absol stepped forward and sat in front of Rhys. From there, all it did was stare up at him and wait.

Rhys reached to his bag (which was by the bed, as always) and produced one of his homemade Pokémon snacks, a flavor he presumed something like an Absol would appreciate, and made the offering to Abysswalker. Something about them demanded a kind of respect, making it a good match for the trainer. Though Rhys began to wonder if, like Siegmund, it had its... softer side? Was that the right word? Genuine, maybe?

Either way, he did not bother trying to hide looking impressed, for this was indeed awesome, and Rhys felt Siegmund had every right to be showing Abysswalker off.

THE ABSOL PREFERS THE TASTE OF FLESH Abysswalker edged forward very cautiously, sniffing at the treat in Rhys's hand. It finally seemed to decide that yes, it did in fact seem as though it might be tasty, and snagged it.

"You can't feed my absol Pokésnacks." It was this weird disappointed kind of tone. Like, "hey my pokemon is a badass, stop that."

RHYS OBVIOUSLY KEEPS THOSE FOR HIMSELF, BEING A WERE-ARBOK OR SOMETHING Rhys smiled as the treat was accepted and straightened to look to Siegmund, unfazed by his protesting and ignoring the complaint. If badass Siegmund could carry a ball with ribbons on it, then his badass Absol could have a tasty snack.

So they would not feel left out, Rhys tossed a couple to Spinel and the Abra. The former caught it in his mouth while the latter let it bounce off his head before snapping it up like some kind of hungry-hungry hippo.

Siegmund reached out toward the absol, snapping his fingers to get its attention. Ha ha it wasn't trained yet though so it didn't walk over to his side like he was trying for, it just sort of looked up at him. They stared at each other for a minute before Abysswalker finally decided to nudge Rhys's leg with its nose. Siegmund's eyebrows drew down into a glare.

Rhys flicked out another snack toward Siegmund for him to catch to arm him against the untrained beast, then shook his head at Abysswalker and pet him instead. Sorry, treats are not a constant.

For a guy who had gotten so much attention for his skills in training and battling, Rhys was awfully... fluffy with Pokémon. Always had been.

Siegmund was not expecting the toss, and was in fact too busy glaring at his (AWESOME!!!!) absol. Thus, he did not realize Rhys had thrown one until it bounced off of him, at which point he directed his attention to where it had landed on the ground by his feet.

Abysswalker noticed, though. He quickly snuck out from under Rhys's hand to go for it.

Siegmund stared down at the absol now. He leaned down to pet it, which it didn't seem to notice quite yet. "I don't know which team member to replace with him," he said.

Rhys did not laugh except on the inside.

He sat back down on the bed as he watched Siegmund and Abysswalker in thought. He counted, visibly, on his fingers those he had already seen: The Haunter, the Sneasel, the Houndoom. He held up the three fingers at Siegmund, then held up his other hand with three more and shrugged, giving him an expectant look. Of course, this was not going to help much if Siegmund did not remember Rhys only saw three. Still.

He did figure that Rhys wasn't aware of all his Pokémon. He hadn't had the chance to see all of them yet. So, Siegmund listed off all of them for convenience. "Marowak, Haunter, Sneasel, Houndoom, Mismagius, Murkrow, and now Absol."

...The fact that Rhys hadn't met Deathbringer yet was a bit strange, Siegmund realized very suddenly. His Marowak was his main fighter. That was a bit ironic, wasn't it? It was up in his room right now, even. Sleeping on the bed.

Now that Rhys had this information, he was not actually sure how to respond. A team is a personal thing. At best Rhys could give the "practical" answer, which would not have truly been practical at all given these things need to be a combination of fact and feeling. (Or so decided Rhys-logic.) Bonds between trainer and Pokémon were vital. Rhys could only roll his head as if literally rolling his thoughts in his mind. He stopped when his neck cracked and looked up.

He tried now the finger spelling they had (or at least he had) been learning, keeping it slow for both his own unfamiliarity and Siegmund's: "S-W-I-T-C-H," longer pause, "O-F-T-E-N." He then shrugged to designate it as a question.

It was really too bad that Siegmund wasn't looking and didn't catch it. (He probably wouldn't have noticed the importance of it, anyway.)

"The murkrow first, I think," he said (to Abysswalker). "We will see how that goes."

Once Rhys caught himself, he was rather glad Siegmund had not been looking. These were trivial things, Rhys! And just in case Siegmund chose to look now, Rhys was already glancing awkwardly to the side. His mind quickly moved on to the thought that the Murkrow had been his first instinct to suggest, as much as it was not his place to.

He looked back at Siegmund after a moment and nodded in understanding, or perhaps just idly, given Siegmund was addressing the Absol. Rhys was not about to interrupt.

He did glance up in time to catch the nod before turning back to his absol (!!!). "Nineteen was a good birthday." Un. Der. State. Ment.

Birthday? Was? Rhys blinked and looked immediately to Siegmund. That would also explain the ribbons, although Rhys still had some doubt that they did not also suit Siegmund regardless. Skulls!

He stared at Siegmund a moment, not sure what else to respond with. Maybe there was a bit of "Hey, why didn't you say anything?" behind it too.

He caught Rhys's stare and paused the attention he was paying Abysswalker. That look was kind of weird, but he couldn't quite read it. "What?"

Finger spelling! "B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y."

It took him a minute to parse it. "...I didn't tell you?"

Rhys dropped his hand and shook his head.

"It was Thursday. Alina's gift was late."

Thursday. The 27th. Rhys looked disappointed a small moment over having missed it, then went contemplative, tapping his chin.

Alina was late. But then, she gave Siegmund an Absol, which he was sure made up for that. They should go somewhere. Or do something. That was how it worked, right? Cake was normally involved, but this was Siegmund. So a skull cake, maybe.

Rhys was obviously pondering, so Siegmund fell quiet (back to petting the absol (!!!!!)) until he showed signs of deciding on anything.

Rhys did not have a lot he could offer, especially on such short notice. But he did have one possible advantage. He took his notebook to write out a message to show Siegmund:

"What do you want to do for your birthday?

We have Quartz. We can be there swift as a shadow."

Swift as a shadow, that was a good one. ...His murkrow had Fly. He'd be losing that! Ah, but how often did he use Deathchaser over his motorcycle? Not very.

"I prefer to ride," he said (meaning the motorcycle, though Rhys may not have known that). "But I do not know of anywhere I would like to go."

Rhys figured Siegmund would prefer his bike, or ride, but Quartz had the benefit of ignoring most obstacles, though exactly how useful that was around here was a good question. (He was naturally unaware of his Murkrow's ability to fly! But that is another thing all together.)

He gave another pause in thought, letting his notebook hang in his hand. Where do you take creepy biker kids on their unbirthdays? Forget it. Doing something fun would be better than nothing at all.

Scribble scribble:
"Race me?"

He instantly stood, flipping down his goggles. Without taking his eyes off of Rhys, he returned Abysswalker to its PokéBall.

"Meet me outside."

Rhys barely smiled, standing up himself with a curt nod.
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