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Alina/Siegmund, of birthday gifts!


Siegmund's birthday was on November 27th guys! Alina gave him his gift kinda late.

As far as Alina was concerned, Siegmund had better appreciate his present. It had taken months of being sneaky and discreet inquiries (mostly done on her behalf through her father, but technicalities aside, it was still her idea) to finally obtain what she thought was the present to end all presents, something Siegmund really and truly wanted.

It hadn't taken her very long to find the little pokeball she had decorated with a black ribbon she had painted with tiny skulls (just for her big brother) and she was off down the hall, Shadow trailing faithfully behind her.

Now, naturally, there were secret passages she could take, but she went for the boring direct route as it was a bit quicker, and, making sure the ball was hidden behind her back, she knocked upon the door to Siegmund's room and waited for him to open it.

So. This explained why Alina hadn't given him anything on his birthday. It was late. He could excuse that, he supposed, as long as it was a good enough gift to make up for that.

Well, now he was expecting her, and so he'd turned his chair away from his desk to face the panel in the wall that led to the passageway between their rooms.

This is why he jumped when he heard the knock on the door. The front door. Huh.

After a moment to recover, he got up and walked over to pull it open. He said nothing, only looked down at her and waited.

There were quite a few things she could have done at this point. However, she chose to give him a quick hug, making sure to hide the pokeball before she did so. No need to tip her brother off as to what his secret present actually was after all.

Shadow, on the other hand, chose to disappear and reappear behind Siegmund to ruffle his hair before floating off into Siegmund's room, laughing in a way that only a Haunter could. Alina sighed, only catching her pokemon's hand leaving Siegmund's head as she pulled way. "Shadow, I thought we agreed you weren't going to do that any more..."

Siegmund wasn't typically very expressive in the first place, but his face fell perfectly flat as the haunter ruffled his hair. He showed no other signs of discontent, aside from reaching up to fix it once Shadow had floated off.

The hug was not actually returned. This was typical.

Alina pouted a little, though she wasn't particularly surprised. Siegmund never hugged her back. Ever.

Not that this would interfere with her giving Siegmund his present. With a little smile, she retrieved the ribbon-decorated pokeball from her pocket and cupped it in her hands, holding it out to him. "Happy birthday, big brother!"

He stared down at it for a moment. ...Ribbons. But skull ribbons. ...But still ribbons. How very Alina.

He took it, still staring at it for a bit, before finally asking, "What's in it?"

Alina pouted at him. "That's a surprise, but try calling it. It's name is Fluffy."

There was that flat look again, this time directed at Alina. Its name wasn't staying Fluffy.

He stepped out into the hallway to have some room (he assumed Alina wouldn't give him something that wouldn't fit in the house and then tell him to open it inside), and then opened the PokéBall to send out whatever was inside.

This would be one of the very, very few times a look of honest surprise crossed Siegmund's face. It was followed by the slow spread of a smile, and he turned suddenly to Alina, showing the most excitement Siegmund ever showed EVER. "You got me an Absol?!"

Siegmund never gave her hugs. Siegmund also never really smiled or ever bothered to call her by name. However, seeing the smile and Siegmund's equivalent of excitement upon his face more than made up for it.

She clasped her hands in front of her and nodded. "I know how much you wanted one..." For a brief moment, however, doubt overtook her mind and she frowned a little. Maybe the excitment was just him being frustrating... "You do like it, don't you?"

But as soon as he'd said that, he'd run over to the Absol and was now busy petting its head while totally ignoring Alina. SHE GOT HIM AN ABSOL OH MY GOOOOD YESSSS

Oh. So he did like it.

"You know, a 'thank you, Alina' would be nice?"

But now he was kneeling in front of it, telling it, "You need a more imposing name than Fluffy." He was like a kid who'd finally gotten that dog he'd been asking about for years. "What would be the perfect name for you...?"

Alina sighed and glanced back at Shadow, a forlorn look upon her face. "I go to all that trouble to get him a fantastic present and he just ignores me... My big brother is so cruel, Shadow, don't you think?"

"Haunter," it replied, sounding rather emphatic. She'd take that to mean he agreed with her.

He did finally turn his attention to her (but didn't move from his place in front of the absol). "How did you get this, Alina?"

"Well, Father helped," she admitted, frowning a little (though, really, she was pleased he was sort of paying attention to her again; Alina loved what attention she could get from him).

"Was it difficult to come by?" Was there a STORY behind it, he meant.

"Well I had to use a few pokeballs on it," she said with a shrug. "He was a little difficult to catch."

This actually kind of caught his attention. "You caught it yourself?"

"It wouldn't have been special if I let someone else catch it."

There was a pause. "That is very impressive, Alina." (This was probably the closest she was getting to a thank you, sadly.)

(She'd take it.) She smiled brightly at him in reply, though she couldn't tell if he could see it or not, given how focused he was on the Absol. "You're welcome."

...Oh man. He had to show Rhys. He stood, returned the absol to its black-skull-beribboned PokéBall, and threw another glance at Alina. "It is a very good gift, Alina." (Okay, okay, THAT was the closest she was getting.)

"I know," she said, giving him a little smile. "Are you going to go show your boyfriend now?" From somewhere behind her, Shadow laughed as only it was capable of; she had, naturally, told him, in detail, all about the fangirls and the strange bits of Siegmund/Rhys writing she had found all over the network. Shadow had found it hilarious.


Oh... now wasn't that indignant look precious~ "Aww, but you two fit so well!"


All Siegmund got in reply was a creepy sort of giggle that only Alina Heissenrech could ever manage, blending rather nicely into the laughter from her beloved Shadow.

Glare. A glare that only Siegmund could glare. And then he ignored any further comment and left down the hallway, disappearing through the first secret passageway entrance along the way.

The minute he was gone, however, Alina smirked a little, glancing back at Shadow. "I think I upset him." Though, to tell the truth, she wasn't sorry or worried about it at all. Siegmund would get over it. Eventually. As Shadow gave her an amused nod, she started walking off down the hall, motioning for Shadow to follow. "Why don't we go play in the Tower, Shadow... would you like that?"

"Haunter!" As Shadow zipped past her, Alina knew for certain that was a yes.
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