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Baxter/Shorty, Presents!?


A bit after Christmas! Shorty comes over to hand Baxter his present.

Shorty walked briskly towards where Baxter's house was, carrying in his arms a present to end all presents! He hoped. Shorty wasn't even remotely sure if Mister Baxter would like this present, or if it was even the right kind. Shorty never had a giant interest in console gaming since you know POKEMON.

After he finally arrived at Mister Baxter's place, he knocked on the door, making sure to hide the gift first.

Baxter was OFF today. Which was pretty nice, especially after working on Christmas (which wasn't that bad but then he'd gone and said all that stuff about his family to Ollie and ugh. He didn't want to think about it). Not having to wear the uniform for a day was kind of a welcome respite.

So, he was spending today curled up on the couch, replaying Silent Hill 4 for the bad ending. Off to the side of the room was Speedy's terrarium, a large glass enclosure, set up to resemble the sort of environment you'd find in turtle terrariums, while being the size of something you'd expect to see an anaconda in. He was at his item screen to take a moment out of playing for a bite of the tuna-and-potato-chip sandwich that was his lunch when he heard the knock.

It surprised him, mostly because who the hell ever visited his apartment out of the blue? He put the sandwich down and went to open the door.

Once Baxter opened the door, Shorty rose up his hand as he is wont to do when he's happy. "Hi Mister Baxter!" Shorty paused a moment to allow Mister Baxter to respond to him.

"I got you this!" He said shortly after, then brought out a gift labled "To: Mister Baxter." Shorty continued nervously "Um, if you don't like it then we can get you another one cause I'm not sure I did it right and um well go ahead and open it!" He smiled again.

"Um, hi," came as an automatic response; he seemed very surprised by this sudden visit.

There was EVEN MORE surprise when Shorty held out the present. WHAT SERIOUSLY SOMEBODY GOT HIM SOMETHING? He took it, staring down at the label. Mister Baxter, hah. Shorty really got him something for Christmas!

He wasn't even sure what the etiquette should be here. Invite Shorty in first, open it first? After a moment's deliberation he finally leaned back against the door to hold it open for Shorty and said, "Um, come inside? Thanks, I mean, uh... You don't have to stand out in the hallway...?" He was still staring down at the gift in his hands. OH MAN SERIOUSLY???

Seeing Mister Baxter's reaction, Shorty hoped even harder that he didn't screw up, else this would be the ULTIMATE LETDOWN OF THE CENTURY. Oh gosh now Shorty was very nervous? Please like the gift Mister Baxter!

Shorty went inside, as Mister Baxter invited him to do so. He decided to just get the possible disappointment of the CENTURY overwith. Like a band-aid, Shorty!

"You can go ahead and open it! I um really hope you like it...!"

He closed the door behind Shorty, leaning back against it and staring at that wrapping paper. He should open it. He should, because oh man somebody got him something and it was definitely not an afterthought-scarf from his mom.

"Okay..." Steeling himself, he ripped away the wrapping paper to reveal...

A brand new copy of Left 4 Dead. He just stared, absolutely taken aback.

Oh man oh man he hates it look at him stunned at how horrible the gift is! Shorty you should have gotten him 4 Resident Evil instead of 4 Left Dead! Er, Left 4 Dead.

"D-do you like it?" Shorty asked hopefully. "C-cause if you don't we could..." Shorty trailed off, waiting for Mister Baxter to react.

"You got me Left 4 Dead?!" WHAM that would be the sound of Shorty being hit with a sudden hug. "Oh my god this is the best gift ever, thank you!!"

He pulled away, looking SO EXCITED, holding the game to his chest. "Nobody even got me anything this Christmas and then you--I am so glad I took you out for ice cream that one time, Shorty."

Shorty was surprised. No, that's putting it mildly. Shorty was downright shocked at Mister Baxter's reaction. Shorty's tried (and failed) to hug people in the past, but this was one of the first times a present he was sure would fail netted him a hug so sudden even he was surprised.

"Well I-I'm glad you did too!" Shorty finally answered. "You really like it?" No, Shorty, he hated it and was being nice. "I-I'm glad that you like it!" Shorty said, correcting himself.

"Yeah! I wanted to buy it but I was waiting until afer Christmas sales and then--" He hugged it to his chest, beaming at Shorty. "Thank you, so much!"

His smile fell, and he looked a little guilty. "But, I didn't get you anything..."

"That's okay," Shorty beamed. He was happy that his present not only didn't suck, but made Mister Baxter incredibly happy. Shorty made sure to give him plenty of room, should he want to raise his hand up in joy. "You got me ice cream, and that's a present that'd be quite hard to beat!"

Not impossible, of course. Mister Duncan giving him an awesome Rhys Arbok might almost be as good as ice cream.

"Well the ice cream wasn't really a present..." He slouched back against the door, still holding the game to his chest. He really did feel bad about not getting Shorty anything, but if he said it was okay... Well, maybe he could get him something later... But what would he want?

He straightened suddenly, stepping away from the door. "Um, were you gonna stay for a while or...?"

"Oh, er..." Shorty had totally forgotten about what would come after the gift giving. "I mostly came by to give you your present-- I mean, I don't want to overstay my welcome so I'll go ahead and go unless you want some company in which case I don't mind sticking around either!" Shorty said, attempting to give Mister Baxter a choice while also letting on he wouldn't be hurt if he wanted to, you know, play the cool new game he just got.

"Um, I don't mind either way... If you want to stay for a bit..." MAN He was kinda new at this whole having friends thing. He wasn't quite sure how to handle the situation. The truth was, though, he kind of did want Shorty to stay because company was pretty nice to have. But Baxter? Expressing that? Please.

"Well I DO kind of want to see this game... Um, would that be okay? If I watched you play it for a bit?" Shorty had not played many Horror games, but he did like watching scary movies, and figured watching someone play a horror game would be just as fun if not more fun.

A smile! "Sure! Um." He glanced over toward the TV and SH4's item screen. "Give me a second to go save." He walked over to the couch and set L4D on the coffee table before sitting down and taking up his controller again. He fully expected Shorty to just sort of follow and have a seat to wait.

And he did! Shorty went to have a seat. Shorty wasn't sure what he was in for, but he knew that Mister Baxter was his first real friend, that wasn't also his boss, since he was relocated to Kanto. Shorty felt warm and squishy inside at this realization. A friend who wasn't THE RIVAL? Uh, sold?
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