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Duncan tells it straight... at least, that was the plan anyway.

To say Vivaine was frustrating was an understatement. Duncan was pretty perfectionist himself when it came to work, especially when it came to work he was accountable for (see: anything he had to oversee, ever), but Vivaine was just ridiculous. It was like she expected robots instead of lab techs. Everything was just made worse by the fact that he hated her and he hated the project she was running, so the only thing keeping him from sabotaging the hell out of it all was his love for the Boss and the Team.

Because of all these frustrations, he started the day off fairly annoyed. He was on his way from records to his work station, carrying a folder full of reference data to help him figure out this anomaly he kept finding in the Mewtwo coding, when he noticed Lynea in the hallway.

He wasn't really sure what to say to her, or whether to say anything at all. (The hat? That hadn't been very funny.)

Unlike it was for Duncan, her week was only as frustrating as it normally was. That is to say, her job as Administrator was quite stressful, extremely busy and without a doubt very frustrating, but she made it an effort not to let it be shown at the workplace. Thankfully, she had already taken some painkillers and was working off a cup of coffee as she made her way back to her office. Lynea's face was obscured by a file she had recently pulled from records, which made it even more obvious that she was wearing the sweater that Duncan had bought for her. She didn't approve of getting a gift (Especially after receiving the gift from Daelin), but she wasn't just going to let the Sweater go to waste. Lucia, her Espeon, was trailing behind her like she frequently did, however neither of them had noticed Duncan yet.

...Huh. She was wearing that sweater. That was a little surprising, considering the incidents surrounding the whole thing. (It looked really good on her, wow.)

He stopped walking. "Hey, Lynea."

Lynea shifted her eyes to the voice that said her name. It wasn't exactly proper to greet your boss by their first name, but when she noticed that it was Duncan, her eyebrows arching in slight surprise someone's boldness turned into a more relaxed stare.

"Oh," ...Awkward. Say something, girl. "New position working well?"

...Was it working well. Ugh, there was so much negativity he could answer that question with. The way his eyes narrowed and eyebrows drew down said as much. He'd been working CRAZY hours on this project trying to get everything up to his own personal insane standards, only to be told they weren't quite as good as VIVAINE'S standards. "Vivaine is... Look, Lynea, I gotta be straight with you--"

Lynea hadn't even noticed Duncan's expression shift, her eyes had already diverted back to the file as she listened to her acquaintence. Her voice was leveled as she interjected, still not bothering to give him a look again.

"-Just like your nose?"

Just like--...

He threw his hands up, dropping the folder and letting the papers therein scatter across the hallway. "Fuck off, Lynea." He walked right past her without another word.

Far be it for him to try to level with her about something.


Lynea looked over her file to stare at the backside of Duncan. What was that all about?
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